Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Pat

I found this cute treasure hunt + rainbow cake idea from Utah Mama.

The boys woke up to find this clue on their bedroom door:
"Can you believe it's St. Pat's Day again?
Your scavenger hunt is about to begin!
There'll be something fun to find when you're done
Be sneaky and smart, here comes clue number one.
{go ask Mom!}"
I included that last part so they'd come wake me up + I could follow them + take pics, of course!
[they were a little sleepy...]
"To find the next clue you might want to trot,
To a place in the kitchen that gets really hot!"
"What a smart little leprechan, finding this clue!
Check the room where you sleep for clue number two."
"You did it again! You're hot on the trail...
Now look in the place where you check for new mail."
"Oh, you're so good, you know just where to look!
The next clue is hiding inside your favorite book."
"You're nearing the end of this cool clue collection,
The last one's in a place where you'll see your reflection."
"This clue will lead you to your treat!
Find your prize in the room where we all love to eat."
"Luck o' the Irish! You found it! Woohoo!
Happy St. Pat's to your family... and you!"
The boys seemed to have lots of fun.  And I did too, making this cake!  The rainbow didn't turn out quite as perfect as the tutorial, but not too shabby, if I do say so myself :)
(the tutorial cake)
Happy St. Patty's Day!!

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Rebecca said...

So cute! love the cake I just might have to try that next year. I am finally catching up on my blog. Yea! Cute fun stuff you have been up to. I need to start catching up on friends blogs too. Love it. Your 80's post reminded me of all of us in college going out to an 80's dance. So fun I just might have to dig up some of those old pic and post those too. ;)