Friday, February 22, 2013

Art + the Park

  The boys had an unusual Tuesday off from school, so I decided we should take adavantage of being the only school district on holiday + go have some fun! 

Our first stop was:
Nathan Sawaya is an attorney that plays with Legos in his spare time.  And by "plays," I mean he creates incredible sculptures!  He focuses a lot on the human body, and his masterpieces are quite impressive, if not only from an anatomical standpoint.  The physics/balancing is pretty cool too.  The art show took place in the Main Gallery of the art center, which is one big room.  The kids ran in + buzzed through the whole thing in about 30seconds!  I was not happy!!  I had to round them up + teach them the art of the gallery--  viewing one piece of artwork at a time, reading about it, appreciating it....  It was a neat exhibit.  I recommend checking it out--it's free, but they do accept "donations."
{friends Logan + Ellie shared in our day's adventures. i asked each of the kids to pose with their fave creation}
While we were there, the kids ventured downstairs to the Badami Gallery + saw the Geolines exhibit.  While it was ok at best, I can't belive people really pay upwards of $500 for a painting of straight lines!   
A couple pics of Park City/Main Street in all it's winter glory:
We made a quick stop at Subway for lunch....
Then we headed to Soldier Hollow for some tubing!!  It was a gorgeous day up in the mountains, sun shining, slight misty chill in the air :)
It was a total blast!  A shout out to my neighbor Jamie who hooked us up with half-price tickets!!!  Definitely made it worthwhile.  FYI- if you go, make reservations in advance!  They limit the number of tubers on the hill to keep the line relatively short.
And let's throw in this week's fave Draw Something, from the talented Maren:
Love that game!

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