Saturday, January 19, 2013


 I've been out of the craft-funk for awhile.  But here's a couple fun things I managed to accomplish:

It's no secret that I love to send birthday cards.  With candy.  Mostly cuz I know how exciting it is to get mail.  Especially a mini-package.  So I do my best to mail cards, with candy, to my oldest + dearest friends for their birthdays.  Wyatt brought home a birthday card from school with a Kit Kat inside that fits the bill just perfectly!  So this is what my friends will be getting this year :P'  I could save this idea all for myself, but I'd rather share.  Now start sending your friends surprises in the mail!!  
 J + I used to have a beautiful 18x20 picture of the temple in our entry hall.
We decided to replace it with an even more beautiful picture of the temple :)
Isn't that a great idea?  It only cost $12 to have the photo blown-up poster size-- which is lots cheaper than the original pic we had.  Love it!
[just wish Jarom woulda been there!!]
And finally.... 3 years in the making.... I got the first year of this awesome blog published into a book!! That's been my goal all along the way, but the program I was using [blurb] ran incredibly slooooow on my computer, so it was very painful to use.  However, I stuck with it + am absolutely delighted with how cute the book turned out!  (although it cost me a pretty penny....)  Now only 5 more years to catch up on!
um, don't mind the backwards pics

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